Monday, November 15, 2010

Uninvited Holiday Guests

We had a visitor at the house yesterday. An uninvited visitor. Small and furry with a bushy tail. He (or she to be fair) decided to eat my decorative corn. The same corn that I have had for about 10 years that I put out every harvest. It is colored and has a pretty corn husk. It looks very nice outside on my porch and has greeted many an invited guest for as long as I can remember. Well no more. By the time I was notified of this visitor he had eaten about 1/4 of an ear of corn. And had made a huge mess of it too. I shooed him off and cleaned up his mess. I then left the ear of corn in a safe place for him to finish. But he came back. And knocked over a small watering can I had out. Well, that was enough for me. We all ran outside and informed that pesky creature that his corn was now in the bushes over yonder and that he should stay off our porch. So far so good!! Happy harvest.

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