Tuesday, March 27, 2018

UFO - Unfinished Objects

After I attend Quilt Con in February I came back inspired to finish all my UFO's.  This camper panel was a part of an entirely different quilt that I hated and was sitting in the closet. I pulled it apart, added another camper panel and finished it off. I love it now and just need to find a place to hang it.

This is my house quilt.  This quilt top was hanging in a closet for at least three years.  It was a queen size and I didn't know how to finish and it and I didn't want to spend the money for the backing.  I went to Goodwill and found this adorable dog printed queen size sheet.  What goes perfect with houses - dogs.  At Quilt Con I was determined to figure out a way to quilt it. I actually saw this exact quilt but it was long arm quilted and that was not an option for me. I saw another quilted that was quilted with horizontal rows.  This was perfect for this quilt and my tiny Singer machine.  After many days and one entire audio book my house quilt was finally done.  It now has a permanent spot on the couch.

Quilted Hug

This is a quilted hug. It is a quilted bed jacket.  I made this pink one for my mom.  The outside is a jelly roll.  The inside is fleece.  There are two pockets on the inside.

After my Dad saw my mom's he wanted one. So I made him a Yankee one.  It is being modeled by my son who is almost as tall as his granddad.  These quilted hugs are great for keeping seniors warm and they keep your arms free so you can read, sew, or just relax.