Friday, May 3, 2019

Swiming Turtle Quilt

This is the quilt Someone to Watch Over You by Barbara Bieraugel Designs.  It was made for a very special teen ,Sierra.  She picked out the pattern and helped me select all the fabrics.
 To make sure the small pieces stayed on I used thread painting instead of applique.  A quilt that gets a lot of use needs to hold up and sometimes applique leaves to many loose ends. I also extended the length of this quilt so that it would cover her from head to toe.  Wide quilts don't always cover the toes.

French Roses

The title of this quilt is "French Roses" by Heather French.  I bought this pattern about a decade ago and never did  anything with it.  Recently I was in a quilt shop and saw a sample of the quilt.  It sparked my interest in the pattern again.  I had also been asked to make a quilt for my sister's living room.  This pattern and my new designs ideas seemed the perfect match.
I also tried my hand at some new photo angles and using props to help set the scene.  Although not visible on the pictures I did some free hand sewing using pattern paper. This was a new challenge that I did not end up enjoying.  The paper was hard to work with and it was tough to get the entire quilt into my tiny Singer Patchwork machine. I think I may stick with straight line quilting for now.