Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I blogged about this Weekender-Tote that I had seen on the website. This is the first pattern handbag I have made and it was pretty hard. But I am proud of myself for trying it and completing it. Once I was done it didn't seem so hard. I won't be afraid of patterns after this. The bag only has some minor errors but they are probably only noticeable to me. I thought the bag was going to be bigger. It looked a lot bigger in the photos. My patterns matched the template so I am not sure how that happened. I am also not happy with the colors. I really like the shape and design of the bag but I just don't think my color combo worked out. Maybe because it just started to rain and I chose the colors when it was hot and summery. I am not sure if I am going to use the bag or give it as a gift. I think it might make a cute diaper bag.

Halloween Decorating with Dazzles has great Halloween Dazzle stickers. I saw this project idea in their latest catalogue. I already had the candles. It is hard to see but I also accented with purple Crystal stickers. They were very easy to make and so much fun.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Cricut Halloween

I love love Halloween. I love to decorate for it and I love to dress up. Every year I buy new decorations to add to my collection. This year I used the Cricut to make some cute decorations. I used George and Basic Shapes to make the letters. And the shapes were made with SCAL.
This little cat is on my front door.
This spider web is in my guest bathroom. A little spider accompanies it.

This is my chalkboard adorned with black cheese cloth and cute little Halloween shapes. I am still searching for a bat to add to my collection.

Friday, October 2, 2009

SCAL and Star Wars

I purchased the Sure Cuts A Lot (SCAL) program so I can download fonts to use with my Cricut. I only have one Cricut cartridge so I thought this was a better way to go as the SCAL program costs the same as one cartridge. You can use any of the fonts in your computer or download fonts, images, or shapes from the web. This is a much more economical way to go. Once I had installed the program and hooked up the Cricut to the laptop I was ready to start playing. The first order of business was to do something Star Wars related. I already have the Star Wars fonts in my computer from when I did the boys Star Wars birthday invitations. Using my Cricut vinyl again I cut out the logo and put it on the boys Star Wars Toy bin. Very exciting and very easy to do.
No mistaking this toy box for anything else now!