Monday, September 4, 2017

24 Sew a Thon

I am participating in the Pillow Case Challenge 24 Hour Sew-A-Thon. More information can be found here This is a great event that will make pillow cases for many different charities.  I am making mine for foster youth. You can join a sew-a-thon near you, host a virtual one, or plan one in your own home.  It is a great way to give back and lot's of fun as well.  Join in!  And if you do please post photos of your pillow cases in the comments section so we can all see them.

Scrap Quilts

Scarps and more scraps.  I have scraps coming out of my ears.  I was playing around with some of my scraps to start a quilt when one of my boys got involved.  He decided he wanted a scrap quilt and described what he wanted.  We started to play around with some pieces and than with his help with the ironing this quilt started to take shape.  He chose the border and actually sewed all the boarder pieces together.  He also chose the back fabric which is this amazing fabric depicting Christopher Columbus discovering the new world.

 I love how involved he was in the project and we spent a lot of time together while we were making it. This was the first time I could actually walk away from him while he was sewing.  I knew he was old enough to not stick his finger under the needle or push buttons.
 I hope that we do more sewing projects together. I suggested that he was probably old enough to work on a more advanced pattern.  We will see what he chooses.


Sometimes I see something and just want to make it.  That is what happened when I saw this little wall hanging on Pinterest.  This was very easy to make and I loved highlighting some of my favorite colors and quilt fabrics. I am not sure what I am going to do with this one yet but it is nice to have a finished mini quilt available should the need arise.