Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Moda Doll Panels

I fell in love with these Moda Doll panels.  I can't stop making them.  They are adorable.


I love to camp and this adorable panel hung on my tent on my last camping trip.  This pattern is from the Moda All Starts book All in a Row Again.  The designer is Pat Sloan. Her design had a camper on it but since we use a tent I had to add a tent to my panel. 

I Love Quilting

I discovered a new quilting magazine I just adore.  It is a UK publication called Patchwork and Quilting.  Lots of great ideas, color photos, and fun tips.  I am now a subscriber.
The first project I made was a pin and trash holder to take with me to workshops.
In the spirit of using only things I have around the house I used a small pot holder in the top section to give it the weight to stay on the table.  The cork was leftover from another project.
I took it to a workshop recently and it worked great. I can't wat to see what other projects I can make from this magazine.

Table Runner

When you win all the batik squares during the Right Left Center game at the quilt guild you make a table runner.
This was another pattern I picked up at Road 2 California also by GE Designs.  This one is called Lil' Nellie.
There was a lot of flipping and matching up with this one. Not such an easy pattern to follow.
I do like how it came out and I will enjoy displaying the festive colors.

Sewing in a Straight Line is a great book with tons of easy projects.  I made a jewelry case and a cosmetic bag.  The fabric is some type of drapery fabric I picked up at the free table from my guild.  It is stiff so great to work with on these types of projects and I didn't use interfacing.
This jewelry holder has zipper compartments and a ring holder.
The cosmetic holder could be made with denim for an even sturdier pouch.
I had these cute Tim Holtz labels for a fun flair. These bags will be accompanying my on my next trip.


At Road 2 California I picked up this adorable placemat pattern.  The pattern is Friday Fiesta by GE Designs.  It was a great way to use up my scraps from my V and Co Confetti Ombre fabric. 

I love the newsprint and letter fabric.  These were panels I received from my good friend Tina. Instead of having to cut them up I was able to use large sheets of them.  Great way to show off the fabric and make a great placement.  Now I just need to get over my fear of eating on these and possibly staining them.

Friday, May 3, 2019

Swiming Turtle Quilt

This is the quilt Someone to Watch Over You by Barbara Bieraugel Designs.  It was made for a very special teen ,Sierra.  She picked out the pattern and helped me select all the fabrics.
 To make sure the small pieces stayed on I used thread painting instead of applique.  A quilt that gets a lot of use needs to hold up and sometimes applique leaves to many loose ends. I also extended the length of this quilt so that it would cover her from head to toe.  Wide quilts don't always cover the toes.

French Roses

The title of this quilt is "French Roses" by Heather French.  I bought this pattern about a decade ago and never did  anything with it.  Recently I was in a quilt shop and saw a sample of the quilt.  It sparked my interest in the pattern again.  I had also been asked to make a quilt for my sister's living room.  This pattern and my new designs ideas seemed the perfect match.
I also tried my hand at some new photo angles and using props to help set the scene.  Although not visible on the pictures I did some free hand sewing using pattern paper. This was a new challenge that I did not end up enjoying.  The paper was hard to work with and it was tough to get the entire quilt into my tiny Singer Patchwork machine. I think I may stick with straight line quilting for now.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Vinyl Faced Project Bags

Who doesn't love bags.  We collect them.  We store them.  We forget where we put them. We keep extra in our cars, our desk drawers, stuffed into the back of cabinets.  But what one really needs is a project bag. A bag to keep our projects neat when we are not working on them or have to travel with them.  This past weekend my guild held a Vinyl Faced Project Bag workshop.  It was my first time working with vinyl and it was surprisingly easy.
 The zipper is a sport zipper and has two sides so I was able to make two project bags with one zipper.
The project calls for heavy duty interfacing, the kind that can stand up on its own. I didn't have that so mine slumps a bit.  But I always try to use what I have on hand before buying new things.  I ended up making two of these and I know I will make more.  They were fun and easy and one can never have enough bags.


Each year on its birthday my guild has a party complete with cake and a present for each member.  My present was the pattern BlockStep by Robin Pickens for Color and Quilt.  I used ombre fabric from V and Co.  This fabric is to die for.  It is gorgeous and believe me I have saved every single scrap of it.  I will be using this fabric in every project to come for the next several months.

I bought the fabric as a jelly roll so the cutting was pretty easy.  After that it was just deciding how to put the blocks together.  I tried to stay true to the pattern and as far as where to put lights and darks.
I used my walking foot to sew straight lines at different increments along the quilt.  This echoed the pattern of the blocks and gave it a more modern feel. 
The backing was fabric I had been saving for who knows what. It was that fabric that just never got used because it was too unusual.  Well it worked perfect for this project.  The gold tones worked perfectly with the gold dots in the fabric.  Happy Birthday to the Valley Modern Quilt Guild.

Oh My Stars

Do you ever have a charm pack that you don't want to cut up?  Fabric that is too cute to use?  I had one such charm pack.  This quilt pattern was the perfect way to show off the fabric and not have to cut into the pattern too much.  Oh My Stars by Pat Sloan is an easy quilt to put together.

I used my walking foot to echo each stich line making the blocks stand out even more.  This will be a baby gift for a friend at work.


A fun trip to Walmart resulted in this adorable bunny fabric.  I have glasses for driving at night and sunglasses.  The cases were hard plastic and took up space in my purse and added to the weight.  These soft glass cases were the perfect way to keep some bunnies in my purse and store my glasses in a safe place.
Pattern  can be found here https://gluesticksblog.com/2016/07/15-minute-sunglasses-case-tutorial.html.

Splendid Sampler

I participated in Pat Sloan's Splendid Sampler sew along.  The first twenty blocks were issued free and the rest one had to purchase the book. I enjoyed most of the blocks but some were not to my liking. I ended up with about 20 blocks and decided to add in some of my own to make this heart sampler for a friend.

I used my walking foot to do echo stitching outlining the heart.  My friend picked out the backing fabric, a cute red ribbon pattern which complemented the squares.