Saturday, August 12, 2017

Temple Wall Hanging

This was the largest most ambitions project I have every completed.  I created the design.  The side panels were embroidered by members of my congregation.  The center was sewn my me.  I also attached all of the panels and quilted the front to the backing.  The temple will be hanging this on the wall as a gift from the Sisterhood.  It will also be used for weddings.  This project took approximately a year to complete.

Quilt As You Go

 I always wanted to try a Quilt as you Go project.  I like how structured the quilt looks and for the first time ever my lines are straight.
 I don't like how stiff the quilt is but I think that is the batting that was used.  I think it would be a great project for a first time quilter.

Wonder Women

Sometimes you need a wonder women apron.  So you make yourself one.

New Sewing Space

 Boys grow up and they need their own space. Ahh, motherhood is always a sacrifice.  I gave up my sewing room so my boys could have separate rooms.  I found this amazing sewing cabinet because although I may give up my space I was not giving up my hobby.
 Two nights and about a million hours later and it was put together. There is so much space that I didn't even fill up the shelves.
 When it is closed up it looks just like a piece of furniture.  Matched the room and it is very functional.  I actually like my new space better.  Go figure!

Art Deco Dog Quilt

When a little girl you adore says she wants a dog quilt you comply.  Fortunately I had this great art deco dog panel I had made the previous summer.  The butterflies were also from a prior project that was just sitting around waiting to be put to a good use.  As her favorite colors are green red, and blue I used those for the border.
Some more butterflies and a tie dye heart strip completed the back.  Note to self- do not wash yellow fabric with batik's.  The color may change. :(

Baby Quilt

 I love Pinterest.  It feeds my need for always finding something new to quilt. I saw this star in the middle pattern and loved it. I started to make it but it was very time consuming so put the project off.  When a friend got pregnant I decided to use the start panels and turn them into a baby quilt.  The finished product came out nice.  I tried a new quilting method using cris-cross lines.  This made for a quick quilting project.  Left over backing folded forward made the binding.  I know this new mom and her baby are going to enjoy this.

Friday, February 3, 2017

I Love You to the Moon and Back

Who hasn't read this book or said this sweet sentiment to a child or loved one.  My son and I love this book and we always say this to each other.  This quilt panel was the perfect way to memorialize this. If you want to make one for yourself you can find it at Keepsake Quilting.