Thursday, November 4, 2010

Blog Organization

I love to organize. Even my kids know that. Sometimes when I ask them what they are doing they say "organizing." So I have decided that I need to organize my blog and perhaps change it up a bit. But before I do that I wanted to get your thoughts. Do you like seeing the finished projects? Do you like the random posts? Do you like the baking and cooking posts? What would you like more of? Do you stop by here once in a while or do you check this bog daily? I have some blogs I check daily and others I go to when I have extra free time. I know I am still a small site but in deciding what to do next, if anything, I would appreciate your feedback.


  1. I read your blog from a blog reader, so I don't usually see the links in the sidebar. But I really enjoy seeing finished quilts, maybe some process/how-to photos, and I do like a little non-quilty stuff thrown in. A good recipe here and there is nice. I like anything that offers me creative inspiration.


  2. I enjoy the excitement of mini goals while making quilts and the unexpected things that happen. Having a little non-quilty posts to read just fills out the image of who you are. Thanks for asking...this blog is yours and your personality and accomplishments will show through.

    Just keep the posts coming....