Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hoilday Cards

Ever since I was probably one years old my parents have taken a holiday card. I remember the very first holiday card they took I have pretzels in my hand. It became a family tradition. The cards were then sent to relatives and friends all around the country who didn't get to see us on a regular basis. When my sister and I were little we thought it was fun. One year we got to sit in a tree during the holiday photo. But then when we became teenagers the holiday photo became torture. We had to be present, it took a long time, we had to sit in different poses. Our hair and outfits were coordinated with our parents. When I moved away I thought the holiday photo tradition would be over. But oh no whenever my mom would get us all together we had to take that dreaded holiday photo. Some years I tried to get my mom to use a photo that just happened to include all four of us. One year in the summer I remember saying take your holiday photo now since we are all together. Once my sister and I got married my parents still sent out a holiday card. This time it contained separate photos of each couple. Now my parents holiday photo contains a photo of them and a photo of all their grandkids (6 total). When I look back on all the holiday photos we took growing up it is a true chronology of our lives. When my grandfather lived with us he was in the holiday photos. When my sister and I had childhood pets they were included in the photo. When my dad came home one day with a red convertible that was included in the holiday photo.

Now I have my own family and I have started the holiday photo card tradition. I coordinate the outfits, find a nice backdrop, and make sure no one has food on their face. I know my holiday photo cards will become a nice family tradition that I can always look back on. Guess mom was right!!

Shutterfly has some great holiday cards this year.

I like this one because it is modern and not to one sided as to any particular holiday.

This one is adorable. It is a card and the picture covers the whole thing. You can personalize the inside with a long message or a quick note. This one may be a keeper.

One year we were late and had to send out a New Year's card. I love this design. So simple and elegant. Shutterfly is offering 50 free cards to bloggers. You can check it out at . Start your family holiday card tradition today. Already have one. Tell me about it.

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