Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fabric by the Pound

In a land far, far away (from my house) is a fabric store that sells fabric by the pound.

Yes, you read correctly. I heard about this mythical place from a fellow twin mom. I waited months and months to have the opportunity to go there. As I parked I was practically shaking with anticipation. Inside were rows and rows of fabric. On bolts, in bins, on shelves. There were bins of buttons, zippers, ribbons. Fabric in silks, satins, stretch, cotton, and flannel lined the shelves. Fabric as far as the eye could see. I had trouble breathing. Soon my arms were overloaded and I had to get a small shopping basket (there were no shopping carts which seemed a cruel joke). Women laden with fabric bumped into each other in the aisles. I carried my basket full of wondrous goodies to the front counter. "This is my first time," I said. Still in disbelief that such a place could exist I asked "How does this work?" My fabric was cut and then weighed on a scale. It was miraculous. This is my bounty. Six yards of different colored fabric. Ten spools of thread. Eight zippers. How much you ask? Wait for it.....$23.21. For all of it. I know!! I left in total shock. I drove home with a smile from ear to ear, caressing my fabric the entire way home.

These pretty pinks will make great burp cloths and perhaps a new cosmetic bag.

These holiday prints will be great for gifts.

Ten spools of thread at .35 cents each.

And eight zippers at .25 each. I could have stayed longer and bought more. But as it was my first time I played it cautious. If you are ever in Southern California you can visit this magical place called Sas Fabrics located in Hawthorne, CA.

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