Thursday, June 30, 2011

Edible Art

I love making food that makes my kids happy. Now if I could only get them to eat it. I discovered this adorable site called Cute Food for Kids. This is a great site with lots of pictures and tons of fun food ideas. I especially like the angry birds ideas. I hate this game (as I hate all video games. They are boring, annoying, and lack any sort of fun.) But people love these games and my kids do as well. I am definitely going to try to make some of the angry bird food. And there are a lot of other cute ideas to try as well.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kids Car Wash

This is the Deluxe Kids Car Wash. It is from Family Fun Magazine. This thing is amazing. It is made out of PVC pipe that we bought at Home Depot. I thought it would take us a while to put together and I was giving myself a 1 week timeline. But it was really quite easy. We did it in one afternopon. I bought a PVC pipe cutter which made all the difference.

I still have to add some sponges and some other items but the kids loved it. They played in it for hours. Hubby and I were like two little kids ourselves when we turned on the hose for the first time and the thing actually worked.

This will be the hit of the summer. The boys are going to have so much fun with their friends with this. I plan to rotate it between the front and back yard to give the grass a break. Plus I can't wait to see what the neighbors think of it. Let the summer fun begin.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Last Day of School

On the boys last day of school aftercare I brought all the staff a cupcake in these cute containers. I found them at Target and got the idea from another blog. Cupcakes in a jar are really big right now. You pile in the cupcake with frosting and add a spoon. I couldn't find jars so I used this cute tin pails. I put wax paper in and added some ribbon and a special note and dropped in a homemade cupcake. The staff loved them and the boys loved handing them out. It was a great end to a great year. My boys completed Kindergarten and will be going into first grade next school year. I can't believe I have two first graders. It was just yesterday that I held them both for the first time.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Father's Day Card

Look at this adorable origami T-shirt card you can make for Father's Day. It even doubles as a card holder so you can put those gift cards inside. I followed the directions here. And I did take their advice and make a demo first so that I could work out the kinks. It came out really cute.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Robot Cupcake Cake

My boys just turned 6. I always make their cake. It is a huge part of every birthday. We start discussing the cake months ahead of time. We looking at photos and talk about designs. This year the boys chose a Robot Cupcake Cake from Family Fun Magazine. This was really an easy cake to make. I made the cupcakes in advance. Then I just had to decorate using all the candy and cookies I had bought. It was a big hit with the kids. While I love birthday parties and making my kids happy I hate the aftermath of the party. Opening toy after toy and trying to put together a 100 piece toy before my child collapses into hysteria. Then having to listen to my child struggle to put together a lego toy that is supposed to be fun. There are certain toys that should really be a banned. I love legos. They are a toy that allows for creativity and can be used over and over again. What I don't like is a Lego Connect 4 game. This is a useless and impossible toy. Regular Connect 4 it just fine. Why do we have to have one made out of legos that I had to spend an hour putting together? Some toys I don't understand at all - Beyblades is one of them. You will have to look this one up if you are really curious. It is hard to explain but seems to fascinate little boys. Again, no imagination required. Thank goodness I don't have to do this again for a whole year.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Bullentin Board

My niece and I created this bulletin board for her bedroom. She saw the project board I have in my sewing room and wanted one for her room. We went to Joann's and she picked out the sweetest white fabric with tiny flowers on it, the ribbon, and the flowers. We glued and glued and created this adorable bulletin board.

We bought large over sized rhinestones and glued pins on the back to make push pins. I love these so much. You can use anything you want to make pushpins. Just buy the pins that have a flat back. I think you could use buttons, gems, stickers, or anything that can be hot glued.

Here is the finished board hanging up in her room. Just the prefect thing to hold pictures of friends and Justin Bieber. So dreamy!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

D's first Quilt

This is my son's first quilt. He went through my scraps and made the pattern all by himself. I was so impressed with it that I sewed it together for him. His attention to detail and the symmetry in the design were, in my opinion, very advanced for an almost six year old. He was very excited about the making of his first quilt. He practically sat on me while I sewed it. He chose the backing which is a baseball print and I added his name to the middle strip. He even picked out the thread color. Normally he sleeps with an old diaper cloth that he calls Blankie. After this quilt was completed Blankie went into the linen closet and he now sleeps with his quilt.