Saturday, August 12, 2017

Temple Wall Hanging

This was the largest most ambitions project I have every completed.  I created the design.  The side panels were embroidered by members of my congregation.  The center was sewn my me.  I also attached all of the panels and quilted the front to the backing.  The temple will be hanging this on the wall as a gift from the Sisterhood.  It will also be used for weddings.  This project took approximately a year to complete.
Update: The wall hanging was dedicated at temple and everyone was very happy with the finished product.
 I can't wait to see it hanging up in the temple and being used by temple members for special events.

Quilt As You Go

 I always wanted to try a Quilt as you Go project.  I like how structured the quilt looks and for the first time ever my lines are straight.
 I don't like how stiff the quilt is but I think that is the batting that was used.  I think it would be a great project for a first time quilter.

Wonder Women

Sometimes you need a wonder women apron.  So you make yourself one.

New Sewing Space

 Boys grow up and they need their own space. Ahh, motherhood is always a sacrifice.  I gave up my sewing room so my boys could have separate rooms.  I found this amazing sewing cabinet because although I may give up my space I was not giving up my hobby.
 Two nights and about a million hours later and it was put together. There is so much space that I didn't even fill up the shelves.
 When it is closed up it looks just like a piece of furniture.  Matched the room and it is very functional.  I actually like my new space better.  Go figure!

Art Deco Dog Quilt

When a little girl you adore says she wants a dog quilt you comply.  Fortunately I had this great art deco dog panel I had made the previous summer.  The butterflies were also from a prior project that was just sitting around waiting to be put to a good use.  As her favorite colors are green red, and blue I used those for the border.
Some more butterflies and a tie dye heart strip completed the back.  Note to self- do not wash yellow fabric with batik's.  The color may change. :(

Baby Quilt

I love Pinterest.  It feeds my need for always finding something new to quilt. I saw this star in the middle pattern and loved it. I started to make it but it was very time consuming so put the project off.  When a friend got pregnant I decided to use the start panels and turn them into a baby quilt.  The finished product came out nice.  I tried a new quilting method using cris-cross lines.  This made for a quick quilting project.  Left over backing folded forward made the binding.  I know this new mom and her baby are going to enjoy this.
 Update: Baby quilt was well received by mom and dad to be and all the attendees at the baby shower.