Friday, November 30, 2018

Sewing Frenzy

I spent my Thanksgiving break in a sewing frenzy.  Here are some of the things I completed.

First up was a jelly roll baby quilt.  Very simple pattern, easy to make.  The back is that soft squishy material.  This was a commissioned piece, my first actually.  I didn't charge for it but I asked them to purchase the fabric.
Thanks to my model Teddy for posing so nicely for the photos.
Next was Redwing Blackbird by Chezstiches.   I had high hopes for this quilt. I loved the fabric even though the pattern was for blackbirds I wanted chickens.  But this turned out to be the hardest pattern to follow.  Every piece of fabric I cut out was the wrong size or I couldn't figure out which fabric I needed to cut.  After making the chickens you see I decided I could not go on.  But instead of scraping the whole project I turned it into a table runner.  Much happier and I still got my chickens.

A quilted hug came next.  I had been saving this project and the fabric for colder weather. It is very hard to work with fleece when it is 100 degrees out.  So as the weather cooled I completed this project and just in time for the cold weather.  I can wear this when I sew or just to watch T.V.  It keeps the upper body very nice and snug.  There are pockets on the inside for tissues and the lip balm I always have to have with me at all times.

Next up were fall pillows.  All my ideas came from things I found on Pinterest.  I used up scraps and only bought fabric for the actual pillows. I used a die cut machine (thanks to my friend Jan) to cut out all the leaves from leftover wool.  These will stay out until the December pillows are made.

Last up were the puting together the Pat Sloan Merry and Bright blocks.  This was a block of the week that Pat Sloan hosted.  Every week a new block.  It was supposed to be one quilt.  I split mine into two small mini quilts.  In July I made two holiday quilts for friends. I can't find them.  These Merry & Bright quilts will replace the ones I can't find.  Hopefully I will find the lost ones in time for next year.