Sunday, May 26, 2013

Baby Quilts and Housewarming Gifts

This baby quilt is for my friends adorable baby girl who I have secretly adopted as my muse.  She loves all of my things (and so does her mom.)  This quilt combines two techniques I saw at Missouri Star Quilt Co.  They have amazing tutorials at  The first was used to make the pieced portions of the quilt.  It is a method using jelly rolls and sewing them into tubes.  Then you cut triangles and then piece into squares.  Takes a long time but you end up with a beautiful quilt top.  Then I used the non binding receiving blanket tutorial to make the actual blanket.  This is a very easy way to make a quick baby blanket.
Because the tutorials are all on video you can stop and start them over and over again to get the directions just right.  I usually set up the IPad in the sewing room and then I can move it around as I rotate from cutting to sewing.  I hope the baby has fun looking at all the designs.
This next quilt is a watercolor heart I made for a housewarming gift for a friend.  When I walked into her house for the first time she had an entire room painted the color of the quilt border.  What luck!!!  It fit into her house perfectly and is hanging on a wall in her house.