Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snow Family Winter Wall Hanging

The pictures uploaded in reverse so I decided to leave them in that order. Sort of like a scene in a movie where everything moves slowly in reverse. This adorable snow family portrait is from a pattern in the December/January issue of Quilt Magazine. This was mostly an applique piece with hardly any quilting. But it was fun and one of my boys was very interested in the project requesting that the finished piece hang on his door.
The way it works is you cut out all the pieces and then position them on your backing. I had to use a tweezers to get the placement correct. Then you iron everything down. You could zigzag around the snow bodies if you want but I decided to skip that step. Since it is going to be a wall hanging I felt it didn't need that extra reinforcement.

After placement is complete you actually cut the whole thing into four pieces. This was very hard emotionally and I had to take several deep breaths before I cut. Then you sew the window panes on and add the boarders.

Finally I added a little strip to hang it. The snowflake fabric I found at the fabric by the pound store. And the backing is from the Goodwill. I didn't take a picture because it doesn't really match and is just the back. I think I will put this on the front door at some point. Since we don't get snow in Southern California this cute wall hanging brings a little winter feeling into the home.

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  1. Hi, I was wondering if you could share the instructions for the COOL WINTER WELCOME or tell me where I can find the instructions.
    It's adorable and I would love to make one.
    Thank you