Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Shelter Quilts

I love shelter pets.  This is our Teddy.  He is our second adopted pet.  We got him from a family that was about to put him into a shelter.  He has been a great dog for our family despite his constant need to chew everything in site.  So when I saw a contest that involved making quilts for shelter animals I jumped right in.  I made these two quilts to donate to shelter animals.  Teddy is sitting on the one that has a dog panel.  And the one with a cat panel is in front of him.  Dog are not the best models so it almost took longer to get this photo then it did to make the quilts.  The contest is to win a new sewing machine.  If you would like to join the contest head over here.  If you would like to help me win the contest please head over here and vote for my photo.  Thanks and love to all adoptive and shelter pets.