Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fall Madness

Happy Post Thanksgiving to all. I hope everyone had a great holiday. We had a great 4 day weekend and filled it with lots of fun projects. We made this turkey veggie platter. I think people actually ate more veggies then normal with this guy around.

We made a tree house out of cardboard. This was super hard and took a long time. And it really only lasted one day. But it gave me one hour of good free time.

We had fun decorating with egg crate furniture. These lego mini men moved right in and got settled on the couch. Presumably they are watching a lego movie.

While the tree house was being played with I got started on a winter wreath. I saw this in a magazine and new I had to make it. I cut out all the snowflakes with the cricut. Then I glittered them up changing the color of my fingers in the process.

Here is the finished product on my door. I really love winter decorations but living in Southern California we don't get too much cold weather. In fact it was 85 degrees today. But this wreath is so cute and was super easy to make. I recently went on a sewing frenzy and made a lot of projects that need backing. So I hope to be posting some of those soon.

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