Sunday, November 22, 2009


I hate patterns. I shy away from sewing clothes. I can't sew in a straight line. So I always make quilts. It doesn't matter if the lines on a quilt are not straight. No one can ever tell. But sewing clothes. That is like baking, it has to be precise. Then I found this amazing blog called V and Co. She has amazing stuff and all kinds of tutorials. She made a skirt out of a table cloth. I thought that was so neat. And she found the table cloth on sale no less. I started to keep my eye open for something I could make a skirt out of. I found this curtain at the Goodwill and decided to try the skirt.
Everything went really smoothly. I even did a zipper. My first zipper! The only problem is that a curtain is not the best material to wear next to the skin. It is pretty rough. Even with a slip underneath I can't wear it. I found some other material at the Goodwill this past week that I think will make a better skirt. I am really proud of myself for attempting this. It gives me hope that I can make other simple items. Now what to do with this curtain skirt?

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