Sunday, November 8, 2009

Asian Inspired

When my hubby and I moved in together we went through an Asian inspired decor phase. In keeping with that I made these quilts. The Kimono was a kit I purchased from It was called Kimono Rhythms Quilt by Sprague House. The strips were sewn directly to the batting using the flip and sew method. This quilt hung above our bed for a while and then when we moved it hung in the stair well of our first home. I made this in 2001.
This quilt is titled Tranquility. I made this in 2004. I saw this quilt in a catalogue but didn't want to buy it. I tried getting the book from the library but they didn't carry it. I had a pair of red pants that I was saving for just this type of thing. I took the catalogue page to the quilt fair, found the book, and looked at it in detail. Following the catalogue picture I drafted out the quilt. I quilted the white fabric to match the picture. I used black fabric and the red fabric from the pants to make the rest. The symbol was a real challenge. I tried library books and Internet searches but nothing worked. I finally decided to free hand the pattern using an ink stamp I had. I chose the symbol for Tranquility: the feeling that comes when all is complete in your world. Using quick fuse I ironed the symbol on. This quilt also hung in the stair well of our first home and received lots of compliments.
I plan to enter this quilt in the Glendale Quilt Fair as their theme this year is Asian Odyssey.

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