Friday, November 6, 2009

First Quilt

I used to keep a quilt journal. I took a picture of each quilt and wrote a little about how I made it, what inspired me, or just my thoughts on it. This blog has become that journal. So now I need to add all my quilts that were made before digital cameras and blogs existed. This is the first quilt I ever made. I call it the Cat Quilt. It was the hardest quilt I ever worked on and took me over a year to finish. It required two sewing machines. The first machine broke in the process of making this quilt and had to be repaired. I remember giving myself a deadline to finish the quilt - the day of my marriage. I decided I had to complete this quilt before I got married. I was married June 3, 2001, so I must have finished the quilt some time before that. This quilt used to be our T.V. blanket. We used it every night when we snuggled on the couch. When my boys were born they used this quilt in their cribs and then in their toddler beds. It was just the right size for a little boy. Now this quilt sits folded neatly in a dresser drawer. It is the messiest, most disorganized, least neat quilt I ever made. But as it was my first one it holds a place dear in my heart.

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