Sunday, November 15, 2009

African Folklore Embroidery

In 2003 I fell in love with an amazing craft called African Folklore Embroidery. Leora who started the company returns to her homeland of South African every year and brings back amazing designs. You purchase the design and then do the embroidery. The design is printed on the fabric so you just follow along on the lines. She has hundreds of different patterns.
This is a matza cover used at Passover. The main stitch is called the Daisey Chain. Before airline security was so tight I used to do this for hours when I flew across country.
Beads are added for embellishment.
I made tons of these projects before I got tendinitis. Sadly I can't do this intricate handiwork any longer. I am glad I made so many projects while I could. Go over to and check out her beautiful site.

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