Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Baby Quilt

This is a row by row baby quilt I made for a dear family friend who just had a baby girl.  I wanted to try many different patterns that I had seen on the internet.  This was originally a part of a much larger quilt but was then taken apart and made into this pattern.
After taking an on line quilting class about machine stitching I used a decorative stitch to make small linear curves to quilt this.
 I love how the curves gave the quilt a bumpy texture that none of my other quilts have ever had.

I hand stitched the binding because I was trying out a new technique I had seen at a recent quilt fair.  Hand binding is not for me and I had a very trying time of it due to the ongoing tendonitis I suffer from. But the end result was a very lovely quilt with a nice neat binding.

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