Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Happy Camper Bag

I am obsessed with campers. I want one, I want to camp in one, I want to travel around the states in one.  For now I will just have to settle for this adorable quilted camper bag.  I saw this pattern at the Santa Barbara Quilt Fair and fell in love - Happy Camper by Jennifer Jangles.  They had a sample and I thought for sure I can make this.
I made it but it was hard.  I learned so many new things.  First off - piping.  I had never heard of it or used it. I love it.  What a nice finish to the outside of the bag.  Second - following directions. I missed a step but was able to recover.  Third - measure everything.  I did measure but was still off and had to add some extra fabric. I still haven't figured out where the error was.  Fourth - It's okay to skip steps. I skipped the binding for the inside step.  Since I was making this for myself I gave myself an okay to skip a step that I just couldn't manage.  Raw edges can be seen if you look inside the bag.

This camper is a cutie and I will definitely be using it to take sewing supplies to class. I am not sure I will be making another one though.  

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  1. What a lovely little camper bag - well done. We live down in the Pacific Ocean in the small country of New Zealand (down by Australia) and have a caravan (trailer). We have such fun travelling around our beautiful country. I'm sure your little boys would love a camper holiday. Perhaps you could hire one for a week and all go camping? Sounds like fun to me.