Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A bed without a quilt is like the sky without stars*

I have been wanting to add a wall quote to my sewing room for a long time. I explored purchasing one but it was too expensive. I ordered the removable vinyl months ago but finally got down to doing it this month. I went to my friend Jan's house (she has a Martha Stewart scrap booking room) and used her cricut. She has a larger version then I do and she has a 24" mat. Holy smokes this thing was huge. But it was the perfect way to cut out large items. I used the Storybook Cartridge to make the letters. The quote I found in a quilting catalogue. I looked at tons of quotes but kept coming back to this one. In case anyone thinks this looks easy let me dispel that thought right now. I had to cut each letter out separately. Each letter had to be individually positioned on a line on the wall. Each word had to be measured out so that it was equal distance from the other words. And because I have kids it took me an entire week to get the whole thing up on the wall. The boys actually thought it was neat and kept asking me what it said until we had all memorized the quote by heart. It is a very nice addition to my sewing room and I am very happy with how it looks. I also like the fact that I did the entire thing myself. Little pat on the back for me.

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