Monday, July 12, 2010

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

My backyard had a huge ivy fence that separated my yard from my neighbors. The ivy fence was there before us so we did not know its history. On learning that some critters had decided to make this partition their home we decided to tear down the fence.You can see from this picture how high the ivy was. What you can't see is how thick it was. The fence on our side was bulging under the weight of the ivy.

I would estimate the ivy was about a foot above the fence.

This is a picture of day 1. It took two men two days to pull out all the ivy and the fence.

This is day three. Our neighbor did all the fence work himself. When the ivy fence came down I actually gained 5 inches of space. I couldn't believe it. I kept going outside and staring at my new space dreaming about what I would do with it.

Day 4. The boys were in heaven playing with this temporary new space.

Day 7. This is my new fence. At some point we may add some height to it to gain a little more privacy. But for now we are all enjoying this beautiful fence. With my new 5 inches I plan to plant a fall vegetable garden.


  1. Looks great! Have fun with your new space.

  2. That looks greatm Alyssa! I'm impressed you did the whole thing from tear down to completed fence in 7 days.