Saturday, June 5, 2010

Power Rangers

The boys 5th birthday is tomorrow. I spent the last two days making and frosting 50 cupcakes. Here is a little preview of what the cake will look like. I made all the power rangers using my cricut and the Paper Doll Dress Up cartridge. That took forever. Then I made two batches of cupcakes last night. This morning we got everything out to start frosting. We wanted to have red icing. But the icing turned out pink. And the more food coloring I added the pinker the frosting got. The boys felt bad and kept telling me it was okay. But I said 5 year old boys cannot have pink frosting on their Power Ranger cupcakes. So we jetted off to the market and got vanilla and chocolate frosting.
Since we had such trouble with the frosting I decided to do a trial run of the cupcake cake. I think it turned out fantastic. I just have to add candles when we do the real thing tomorrow.
To make the Power Ranger
Body - in color of your choice
Boots - Superboy Accessories 1
Gloves - Supergirl Accessories 2
Eyes - Superboy Headwear, make two one larger then the other
Belt - Superboy Blackout, save diamond piece
Mouth - Genie Top, cut off straps
Neck piece - Nativity 1 Tabs
Neck piece diamond - Superboy Blackout, diamond piece
Sword - Prince Accessories 3
Sword crown piece - Prince Headwear

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  1. I too am the mother of identical twin boys. On April 1st mine turned 30. Enjoy the time you have with them. Quilting is also my other pasttime. Each of my kids, I have a daughter too, got quilts for graduation to take to college and then again when they got marrid.

    I'd like to keep in touch and follow as your boys grow. Nanabugaboo

    debsheets82 at yahoo dot com