Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Month of Parties

This is the month of parties and events. I feel like a New York socialite. First off we have my wedding anniversary which is tomorrow night. Nine amazing years. DH and I are going out for sushi while Grandma babysits.

Next up we have my boys Power Rangers 5th birthday party. That is this Sunday, at my house, with 15 screaming running around kids (plus their parents). I have to make 48 power ranger cupcakes. I ordered a bouncy, not specifically for the party, but to keep my kids busy while we get ready for the party. And to tire out the kids. I love bouncies. My boys also share a birthday with my grandfather who will be turning 96. He loves the bouncy too and has been known to go in it with the kids. (I am not kidding).
I get a three week reprieve and then we have the last two events of the month. First up is preschool graduation. We are having pizza and cake and all the family over. I can't wait. It will be exciting but sad at the same time. My kids have been at the same school for three years. Next year is the big K, at the big school. Yesterday one of my boys asked when he could start driving. Gulp!And the last event of June is a tea party I am throwing for my mom's birthday. I am making all the food. I have already started baking and freezing. I will have to make 2/3 items each week to get it all done in time. I am very excited about all the things I am doing this month. My family is celebrating a lot of milestones. When this is all over I think I will treat myself to a massage. I will deserve it. The only sad part is there will be no sewing. But I will be blogging about the different events and showing off some of the crafts that I have been working on for these parties.

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