Monday, June 28, 2010

Tea Party

The tea party was a smashing success. All the frozen desserts defrosted well and tasted great. All the fresh food was yummy and looked beautiful. The guests came dressed in tea attire with flowing skirts and straw hats. It was a lot of fun and several people asked if I did this for a living. No I told them, I work full time. This was just for fun!!
These were the party favors which contained 4 different kinds of tea. They were handmade by a dear frind of my mom's.

A very generous friend lent me the beautiful tea service to use as the center piece and the silver flower vases.

Here is the dessert table all laid out.

These are the Pastel Petits Fours. This was the hardest dessert I made and took the most time. But it was a beautiful show piece for the center of the dessert table.

The Berry Cheesecake Tart was a huge hit. I glued little tea pots on toothpicks and wrote the name of each item so guests knew what they were eating.

Blueberry scones which I served with homemade strawberry jam.

No one touched the blueberry mini muffins. Not sure why. But they looked really cute on this adorable tray.

This table had the tea sandwiches and fresh fruit skewers. We made tuna, egg salad, and cream cheese. The fruit skewers had chocolate strawberries and coconut dipped bananas. I nearly dropped from exhaustion after the party. But it was so much fun. I forgot to take pictures of the tea bar. We had 6 different types of tea with Cinnamon sticks and lemon slices.
I will post the rest of the recipes soon.

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  1. It all looks just awesome! I'm sure your mom loved it all and had a great birthday.