Thursday, May 27, 2010

Immersion Swimming Lessons

We are in the middle of immersion swimming lessons. It is day 8 of 10 straight days. I have decided immersion swimming lessons are torture for parents disguised as fun for kids. If you have never heard of this is it is a way of teaching kids to swim in a two week period. They go every weekday for two consistent weeks for 20 minuets each day. And it works. The boys are learning to swim. The only problem is that I have had 8 heart attacks so far. Watching your kid being pushed under water, dropped off a diving board, and diving for objects on the bottom of the pool can be extremely painful. It also means I have had no time to do anything else. I have had to change my entire schedule to work these lessons into our lives. I have not quilted once. I have not even touched fabric since this started. The only time I even went into my sewing room was when I needed to fold laundry on the bed in there. I miss my sewing machine. I miss thread. I can't wait for these lessons to be over.


  1. When these episodes of sewing "celibacy" are over, you tend to appreciate your craft even more. Go forth with renewed vigor!

  2. Maybe you could bring something to work on (or even just a quilting book to look at for ideas) so you aren't watching the boys during the lesson - I know the torture that can be watching them struggle while they learn. I've seen S sinking and the teacher just encouraging him and letting him struggle a bit (a bit more than my comfort zone) and I'm just having to sit on my hands so I don't go help him out. At least you are on day 8 of 10 - only 2 more days to go. Are the boys enjoying the classes?