Sunday, August 23, 2009

Saving Blankie

This is Blankie. Blankie was made when D was about 7 months old. It is a strip of fabric sewn onto a burp cloth. There were about 8 of Blankie but this one became the favorite. It became the Red Sox Blankie. Blankie goes everywhere. It goes to the doctor, to the market, it hangs out on the floor of the garage. Blankie plays baseball and spends time keeping me company in the car while D goes to school. School is the only place Blankie is not allowed to go. D cannot go to sleep without Blankie. D also needs Blankie to take any medicine, have his nails clipped, and watch Star Wars movies. So Blankie became very very dirty, and torn. Today I convinced D that it was time to save Blankie.
I saved the most important part and threw away the dirty, torn, shreds.

Old Blankie was sewn onto a new, clean, never been used burp cloth. After a slight hesitation new Blankie was accepted.
Thank goodness!
(P.S. Umm, don't every take your 4 year olds blankie and try and fix it. The first night he cried for almost an hour and wouldn't touch Blankie. I had to go through every blankie in the house and then make a makeshift one for him to sleep. The second night he said he wasn't going to cry but would not use Blankie. Blankie has now been permanently rejected. And I am so sorry I ever started this.)

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