Sunday, August 16, 2009

Space Quilt

D's space quilt is finished. It took me far less time then the pirate quilt. It has removable planets, a space ship, and astronauts. I debated on putting the planets in order or just doing it random. But I worried that he might think back on this quilt during some test in school and I wanted the planets to be in the proper order. The astronauts are movable and can play in the sun. The circles are little pockets.
This is the back. I let D pick out the fabric at the store himself. It was not the fabric I would have chosen. But since it was his quilt I went with it. When I put the back on and completed the binding I realized that the fabric was the perfect choice. The binding really brings out the yellow of the planets.

The pattern called for some movable space ships. But those didn't work out so I found a pattern on line and made this rocket ship. I think it works just fine.

Here are the planets in order. Obviously I could not do the entire solar system. Earth, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.
I added this moon because it was too cute to leave out. I free quilted the starts, comets, and constellations. The sun, planets, and the astronauts were all made with scraps. This quilt pattern came from a book called Play Quilts by Kristin Kolstad Addison.

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