Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I blogged about this Weekender-Tote that I had seen on the website. This is the first pattern handbag I have made and it was pretty hard. But I am proud of myself for trying it and completing it. Once I was done it didn't seem so hard. I won't be afraid of patterns after this. The bag only has some minor errors but they are probably only noticeable to me. I thought the bag was going to be bigger. It looked a lot bigger in the photos. My patterns matched the template so I am not sure how that happened. I am also not happy with the colors. I really like the shape and design of the bag but I just don't think my color combo worked out. Maybe because it just started to rain and I chose the colors when it was hot and summery. I am not sure if I am going to use the bag or give it as a gift. I think it might make a cute diaper bag.

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  1. Hi Alyssa,
    what a wonderful bag. I have sent you the pattern to make my striped jeans bag vie e-mail. I hope you got it, for I received two requests from you. If you didn´t please send me your e-mail address!
    kATRIN W.K