Thursday, February 2, 2017


When one of your dearest friends says she wants a mermaid quilt you make her a mermaid quilt.  And you let her pick it all out.  First we found a mermaid shape we liked. I took it to the local copier and had it blown up to the size I wanted.  Then through instant messaging and lots of calls we selected the colors and I started making the mermaid.  After the fabric was ironed on I sewed around each piece using a zigzag stitch. The original quilt was the dark blue section.  After it was completed with waves to hold the layers together we decided the quilt was too small.  So the marble blue fabric was added to the top and bottom.

No quilt would be complete without a poem about quilts and a special button.

Update: Bling added to the mermaid's hair using a rhinestone setter.  To mark a very special occasion we added rhinestones to the hair. 

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