Monday, August 29, 2016

Military quilt donations

I have always wanted to be a part of a quilt guild or club.  But with my work schedule and my boys schedule I have put that on my bucket list for when I retire.  I do however try to make donation quilts whenever I can, something that I know quilt guilds often participate in.  Recently I found out about a local quilt guild that makes quilts to donate to Veterans.  They meet monthly to make the quilts. Since I could not make the meetings I asked if I could make the quilts at home.  And the best part was that they only asked for the tops. They put the backing on themselves.  So I quickly put together these two quilts tops for donation.

The fabric was donated to me so I am glad that I was able to play it forward and use it for a donation quilt.
I used the same fabric for both quilts but just designed different patterns for each.
Both patterns are very simple but effective. I used some fabric with red starts and American flags. I hope they are enjoyed by their recipients.

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