Thursday, September 19, 2013

Halloween Prep

I always start my Halloween prep in August. I figure out what I want to make and if I need to buy anything. I get a lot of inspiration from a catalog called Terry's Village.  They have really cute stuff.  I also get a lot of ideas from Pinterest.  I did not have patterns for either of these two items.  I just looked a the photos and was inspired by the general ideas.  These items are for my personal use only.

 This is Mr. Bones.  He is made from felt.  I found bone stencils on line and used them as a guide.  I used iron on interfacing to attach the bones to the body.  The body is loosely stuffed with batting.  He will be a nice addition to my Halloween decor.
 Interestingly enough my kids did not like this one.  They were thrown off by the witch who was not all there.  But I really like it because in my head I keep substituting the word witch for something it rhymes with and it makes me laugh.  I am going to hang this on my door for Halloween night.  I notice now that the upper part of the hat is not evenly placed on the bottom of the hat.  I hope it was just the angle of the photo.  Happy haunting.

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