Friday, September 20, 2013

Bed Runner

This is a bed runner I made for my mother-n-law.  She chose the colors and we selected the pattern together.  It comes from a book called Bed Runners Using Precut Fabrics. My fabrics were not precut so I had to make some adjustments.
 I laid it on my bed for the photo but it will go in her bedroom and matches her color scheme.
I love the star patterns because it looks so hard to make but really comes together very easily.  I used one of her old sheets for the back.  This saved on fabric costs, recycled an old sheet, and also helped keep the color scheme as the sheet matched her bedding.  Also note in the first picture that I now have my very own fence to hang quilts on for photos.  I always loved people's photos that were taken on or in front of a fence. I did not install the fence so I could take quilt photos but it sure is nice having the fence available.

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