Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tree of Life

This is my Tree of Life watercolor.  It is a work in progress (WIP).  My mom had given me all of her watercolor one inch squares the she had left over.  I searched around for an idea.  I am not a hearts and cats type of girl.  I wanted to do something more with my watercolor quilt.  I really like this tree.  I feel like some of the leaves are falling off and the ground is a little mossy.  At my local fabric store you can buy grid material that you can iron on.  So once you have your design complete you iron the squares on the grid.  Then you just have to fold and sew on the lines.  My mom says this is cheating but I say it is evolution.  Why should I sew each square to another square when I can sew an entire row all together.  This way at least I have a chance of getting straight lines.  I still need to decide on a boarder and a backing.  And then I need to decide what to do with it.  I may keep it or I may give it away to a friend.

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