Thursday, January 6, 2011

Shabbat Wall Hanging

I saw this at a quilt fair years ago and took a photo of it. I finally found the pattern online and knew I had to make it for my sister.
All the pieces were cut out and fused onto the background. I had a lot of fun picking out the colors and matching them.

I satin stitched around all the pieces. I had wanted to find a special thread to use on the women but I never found anything I liked. I ended up just using a general purple. This wall hanging actually gave me a lot of trouble. Originally I had put batting in it and pillow topped it. It looked so terrible that I took it all apart and put the whole thing away for a long time. Then when it was time to finish it I brought it back out and tried something new. I put a very thin piece of adhesive batting in which I ironed on. Then I added a backing and used quilt binding to finish the edges. The quilt binding was thick and stiff and made a natural loop that I could put the dowel through. I added ribbon and it was ready for hanging. My mom had to carefully transport it in her luggage back east to where my sister lives. Although this quilt was a challenge it was a real labor of law and I am so happy with how the colors blended together.

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