Friday, August 13, 2010

Summer Fun

It has been a busy summer. We have been camping, swimming, playing, and having lots of fun. So much fun I forgot to blog for a while. On our first camping trip we went to McGrath State Beach. On one night we made banana boats. We stuffed bananas with min marshmellows and choclate chips and roasted them over the fire. Yummy. We were very dirty but had a lot of fun.

On our second trip we went to Lake Casitas and spent the day at the water park. This is a photo of the the lazy river. The camping part was not so good and we ended up leaving early but it was still good family fun.

Here is a photo of the pirate village that has taken up residence on the bedroom wall of my boys room. I believe it got a special summer rate and has been a source or many hours of fun and entertainment.

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