Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sewing Room

Here is my new and improved sewing room. I have my home made project board which I love. The color and pattern do not match the rest of the room but I just love it. I have my thread holder which used to be in a closet. I have my super cute Ikea chair with a ribbon I added. And I have the curio cabinet my mother-in-law donated to the room. There is still a queen size bed in the room by I don't care. I love this space. It is my own. The boys love it too. They have played Star Wars in it, used the bed as a trampoline, and crawled under the bed to play who knows what. Every night I go into this room and work on my projects. If I am lucky I get to be in there by myself for a little while. Now I will begin to work on the closet. It needs a little something!!

In this side view you can see the bed and the wall colors. The family who owned the house before us had a little girl and this was her room. I loved the stripes and the bead board. I already owned a yellow bedspread that went perfectly in here.

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