Monday, June 22, 2009

Free Motion Quilting

I learned how to free motion quilt over the weekend. I really wanted to do it on Z's pirate quilt to make the clouds. I read tutorials on the web and practiced with a quilt sandwich. I love it. It was so much fun and exhilarating. To move the fabric and make the design. I started out just making cloud shapes which was fun and easy to control. It took a long time because I made small cloud shapes. Then when I started to make larger shapes things really got going. I really enjoyed it. For the ocean the pattern recommend making fish and other sea life shapes. I tried that on my sample but couldn't do it. So I just made a consecutive circle shape, like a shell. So much fun. Now I want to stipple my next quilt. I can't wait. I use to hate that part of quilting now I am looking forward to it.

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