Thursday, May 28, 2009

Quilt Fair

I went to a quilt fair recently. It was soooo much fun. I was by myself and had all the time in the world to look and talk to people. I bought tons of Moda fabric which is my new favorite fabric line. I bought fabric my D's space quilt. I also bought materials to quilt the top of the boys memory quilt. Z's pirate quilt is coming along. I made the ocean - 265 tiny little squares sewn chain style. And I added the sky. I then took Z with me to get the boarder and background fabric. He had so much fun running around the store trying to match up fabric and shove the bolts into the tiny little green basket. I found the most amazing background fabric - a treasure may pirate motif. He was very excited. I have started making the animals and pirate ship. I discovered that instead of drawing the picture onto the fabric I could glue the paper template to the fabric and then sew around it. Afterward I just peel the fabric off. This works so much better. I feel like I hardly have enough time to sew and I want to work with the Moda fabrics. But I also want to finish his quilt and begin work on D's. Sew much quilting and sew little time.

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