Monday, June 6, 2016


My 10 year old son has written a book.  It is a collection of poems and short stories that he wrote all on his own.  He also decided that he would donate a portion of his book sales to the Los Angeles Public Library.  He feels that having access to so many books through the public library inspired him to write.  He also feels that it is important to encourage children to read and to use the public library. 

His book premiered at an event at his school called PJ's and Books.   This is an event where authors come in and read to the students and the students have the chance to ask questions.  There were three authors at the event and Dylan was the only child.

We self published his book using  This is a great self publishing tool that was totally free and very easy to use.  His book is now available on Amazon.  Please consider getting a copy.  You will not only be supporting my son's college fund but also the public library.  If you liked the book please leave a comment to share.

Link to book on Amazon

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