Monday, August 24, 2015

Math and Rainbows

Let's start with the math. I don't do math. I am an attorney.  You have heard the old joke that lawyers don't do math.  Well it is holds true for me.  But I saw this heart quilt and fell in love with it. Then Z asked me to make it for him.  There was no pattern.  So this is where the math comes in. I had to figure out how to make this with no pattern. I decided to graph it.
That is old fashioned graph paper I haven't used since grade school.  I was counting blocks and using fractions.  Hard stuff people.  But it worked and I got this: gorgeous rainbow strips all in the correct shape.
And then I got this: white strips filling in the space and defining the heart.
Just ignore the zombie child in the above photo.  And then I got this:
All from using math.  Who knew?  Stayed tuned for the rainbow border and backing which will be added soon.

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