Friday, October 28, 2011

Learning to Sew

Who knew that having boys would be so much fun. I was expecting girls. Actually I was down on my knees praying for girls. At least one girl. When I got two boys I thought my days of arts and crafts and ribbons were over. Luckily I like action movies and Star Wars as much as my boys love arts and crafts. So I was overjoyed when my oldest son (I have twins, but since he was born first, he is technically the oldest) asked me to teach him how to sew. He chose the fabric he wanted, picked out the colors, and designed his very own pillow. I sat him at the machine and after reminding him not to sew his fingers we got started. Sitting directly behind him and monitoring everything he did (he is only 6 after all) he sewed this pillow. He even chose the thread. He did really well. I did some of the hard parts like closing up the pillow and sewing on the button. He was so proud of himself and immediately told me what he wanted to sew next. DH was not so excited. He thinks sewing is for girls. But when I explained that this project took patience, coordination, and required some complex thinking he agreed that it was a good experience. My younger son (by three minutes) wants to learn now. How exciting. I have visions of my two sewing machines lined up while my boys sew all sorts of things. I think next we will make pajama bottoms. I love having boys.

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  1. I think that is so awesome, Alyssa! So good for the boys as it really is teaching them patience, planning and the ability to sit still - pretty amazing skills for such young boys. I can only imagine how fun it is for you to do this with them! Wonderful!! Maureen