Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Quilt Fair

The Glendale Quilt fair was this past weekend. When we arrived we were given a map and we quickly went to the info desk where someone helped us figure out where my quilts were hung. Two of them were listed as being in the center section of the main hall. We started down the aisles looking for the quilts. The first one we spotted was at the end of one of the main rows. It was Z's pirate quilt. It was in a great spot with lots of traffic. It was so amazing to see one of my own quilts hung up.
Next we found the theme quilt. It was also hanging in a great spot in a high traffic area. I actually saw a women take a picture of it while I was standing there. I was too shy to speak up and say that it was my quilt. I just stood silently by smiling to myself.

Grandma's quilt was in the least visible area. It was in a side room with two chairs in front of it. This was a bit of a disappointment but it was still in the show and it was beside one of the most popular vendors. The rest of the fair was great. I bought some fabric I needed. I got two great patterns, one for a quilt and one for the cutest pin cushions I have ever seen. I tried out two brands of sewing machines. One was the Babylock which was completely computerized and sewed like butter. I also tried a Pfaff which I did not like as much. I was hoping to win a machine in the raffle but I was not so lucky. It was a lot of fun to check out all the quilts and see new techniques. Next year's theme is the Wild West. I can't wait.

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