Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Pirate Quilt is Finished

It is finished. I am so excited. It came out amazing. Thank goodness my mom was in town this weekend to help me finish the binding (and this time I sewed it on the correct way.) The boys got right down to playing with it.
Here is the back. It is a treasure map pattern that Z picked out himself when I brought him to the fabric store.

The button sun.
These are the starfish and these cute clam buttons that I found in my button stash.
The squid.
The dolphin.

This quilt really challenged me and took a long time to complete. But it turned out amazing. I am considering hanging it on the wall above Z's bed. This quilt pattern came from a book called Play Quilts by Kristin Kolstad Addison.

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  1. Hello Alyssa. Googled your pirate quilt and will show my wife ( Kristin Kolstad Addison) it. We also have twins, 18 now. Good luck with the twins and quilting. Brg Thomas